Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A to Z Challenge - Z

A zoom lens is one which has an adjustable focal length, as opposed to a prime lens, which has one set focal length.Some zoom lenses have adjustable aperture, and others have a set aperture. Those with a set aperture cost considerably more!

Zipping it all up...

This  month has been really cool playing with my new camera, watching an outrageous number of YouTube videos, paging through photography books from the library, and then sharing all the new information with my wonderful readers! I was very surprised at the response I got, as it seems they actually learned something!  My only regret is that I wasn't able to get more photographs included in the posts....just so much going on.


For anyone who is interested in hearing more from me (what, are you crazy?!), learning more about photography, or watching my skills develop (hopefully!!), I have decided to start another blog.

You can find my photography exploits at:


Come check it out and support my efforts to become a real photographer!

Thanks for following my A to Z Challenge!



J.L. Campbell said...

Hi, Shannon,
Somehow, I've gotten used to taking pictures with a phone. A camera would be lovely to play with. Enjoy!

Stephsco said...

I really like my camera, which has features of an SLR but the lens is not detachable. So it cost me far less than the starting price of most DSLRs but it has more features than the average digital camera, and a better zoom lens. It's probably 5 years old by now but it works for me!

Congrats on finishing out the A to Z challenge!

Here's my entry for today: A Girl and Her Diary