Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A to Z Challenge - T

We've discussed several areas of composition and technique for photography: rules of thirds, balancing a photograph's subject/s, using color carefully and intentionally, and perspective. The hardest part of photography is, of course, keeping all things in mind  when looking at a subject while also setting exposure to get a great picture.

As you practice taking photos, there are some additional techniques you can consider which will make your photographs even more exciting... 

Leading Lines/Shapes - Use the lines/shapes of a subject (a country road, a row of trees, a pier on a lake, etc.) in your picture to lead or draw a viewer's eye to create movement and depth in a photograph.

Frames - Frame your photo's main subject with another piece of your picture, for example instead of taking a landscape view of a sunset, try taking a photograph of it through an open a doorway or window. This will frame the actual subject, the sunset, while adding to your photograph overall.

S Curves -  Similar to leading lines, use the S shape curve of a river or stream to guide your viewers' eyes along the photo.  Again, this creates movement and depth in your photo, which makes it more dynamic. A note to keep in mind: if the S curve starts in the lower left corner and exits the upper right corner, the picture will feel that it is moving away from you. But if it starts in the upper left corner coming down to the lower right, the picture seems to be coming towards the viewer.

Pattern/Texture - Do not hesitate to play with these in your photographs. Texture in a photograph can provide a 3-D feel (depth) to a 2-D scene.

Most importantly, remember that photography rules are made to be broken! Learn the rules well enough to know when and how to break them and then experiment like crazy!  Imagine the bride's face when that first photographer told her to turn away from the camera and face the mirror?! And now, that shot is a classic!

Don't be afraid to break the rules, just make the decision to so intentionally and thoughtfully.


Tara Tyler said...

i need to bookmark your blog and really study your photography tips. i took a class, but i have forgotten most of it... like spanish!
need to take better pictures! thanks!

happy a to z!