Friday, April 19, 2013

A to Z Challenge - Q

A quick-release platform is a feature on many tripods that enable cameras to be removed quickly and easily. In fact, it usually attaches to the camera base and is removed with the camera as needed.

The convenience of such a thing is clear. If you are taking pictures using a tripod and just can't get the shot you want, you can quickly remove the camera, take the shot, and then return the camera as needed.

But why, you ask, use a tripod at all?! I am glad you asked. Tripods are used to minimize shake or blur in photographs. This is especially true when you are adjusting your exposure and need to reduce your shutter speed...

In a few days, we will be discussing shutter speed more thoroughly, come back to learn more and understand why reducing your shutter speed might cause blur.

If you purchase a quick release platform for you camera, make sure that your locking device is strong enough that it will hold the weight of your telephoto lenses!