Thursday, April 19, 2012

A to Z Challenge - Q

Q...        Quotes

"Blogging is the new poetry." -Andrew Sullivan

I've always found quotes fascinating. 

How one person could say something and years later I could see that same quote and think, "Yes, exactly!" That's pretty cool.

Or how I could read something someone said and though my life is totally different, totally removed, from theirs I could laugh and get just as much joy out of it as they do.

I started keeping a quote journal in high school. I wrote in it and kept cuttings whenever I found something particularly funny, moving, or interesting. Eventually the book got unruly and hard to manage, so I typed out all the quotes into Word files. 
I've thought about putting up a quote website on several occasions, but there are so many already out there it just seemed redundant.  On the other hand, there are so many great quotes that I hate to see them get lost.  

Maybe I should start incorporating them into my blog? 

"A blog is...memos to the world." -Unknown

Or maybe start a whole new blog for quotes?! 

What are your thoughts?

"A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from change the world to share your shopping list." -Unknown 


Angeline Trevena said...

I love quotes. I've seen a few blogs that open every post with a quote. I love reading them.

One day I imagine other people putting up quotes by me on their blogs. Maybe....

Jeane said...

I used to keep a book of quotes, and at one point I had them in a word file too, so I could search. I think this was during the time when I underlined my favorite passages in all my books, as well. I don't do any of those things anymore- but I still love reading quotes, and seeing what words touch other people, resonate with meaning.

Donna Sexton said...

Sometimes I find random quotes that I've written down when going through old stuff. I've never been organized enough to keep them in one place. I tend to write them down when they make something about my life make more sense...

Francene Stanley said...

I agree with the thought that a blog is memo's to (not the world) the reader. It's up to us to find the readers and interest them in what we have to say. Blog on!

junebug said...

I love quotes. I'm always collecting them. Actually kind of sad I didn't think of quotes for q. Smacking my forehead.