Monday, April 23, 2012

A to Z Challenge - T

T...        TastyKakes

For those of you who have been deprived of the good Lord's true blessings, I introduce...
When I arrived in Boston as a middle-school child my father drove me to convenience store and offered to purchase me a cupcake. I gladly accepted and was handed a, well...


I took a bite and...the entire chocolate covering peeled off the pastry in one greasy, yet somehow crumbling, slab. I looked at my father like he was crazy!

"This is not a cupcake!" I complained.

"Here, try a Twinkie instead," he suggested.

Again, bite and "You've got to me kidding me..."

"Take me home!" I thought.

Anyone who grew up in Pennsylvania will tell you that there is NO cupcake like a TastyKake!

BuildingStarted by a Pittsburgh baker, Philip J. Baur, and a Boston egg salesman, Herbert T. Morris, in 1914 TastKake uses "only the finest ingredients delivered fresh daily to the bakery", farm fresh eggs, Grade A creamery butter, real milk, cocoa, spices, and natural flavorings! And, frankly, it's obvious! 

Tastykakes taste like mom's in the kitchen, seriously!  Soft, cake-like goodies, that quite frankly have to be better for you than those plastic taste or feel. No icing falling off in one strip. No grease left on your fingers when you are done.

Added benefit, they are an environmentally conscious company:  "First, we took an abandoned industrial site and re-used the buildings as foundation material for our new bakery, which avoided clearing a forest and reduced construction waste.  Second, we built the bakery with several features in order to target LEED-Silver certification. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and acts as a report card for the environmental friendliness of a building...."

TastyKake was recently sold to Flowers Foods, Inc. Let's hope that Flowers does this historic company proud! 

If you ever get the chance, TRY THESE!


KSCollier said...

I've tried them before and they are so tempting, but I am on Nutrisystem and feeling great. So Tastykakes is a thing of the past for me.
I'm just A to Z-ing it. Have a great week, and stop on by sometime.

A.D. Duling said...

Hi Shannon,

Those look yummy, I have actually never tried them and will have to! I enjoyed your post and had to share it on my A.D.'s FAV 5 of the A to Z Challenge today!
You are #1, if you do not see my post right away, I am still working my way through, so please do check back. :0)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Yum!!! You made me hunngry. Nice blog! Holly